DIY, decorating and crafts

I guess the standard protocol would be to introduce myself in my first post. In 2015 my lovely other half and I bought our first home. A little terraced house that we got relatively cheap. We wanted at least two bedrooms and an enclosed garden. On our budget we couldn’t afford to buy a house that filled those requirements and looked nice (unless it was falling down). Eventually we came across our lovely house – it was the perfect size, structurally sound (!), with a little garden out the back. It needed a LOT of cosmetic work but that suited us perfectly… I was dying to get my decorating clothes on after renting drab and dreary houses and it meant we could afford it!

We’ve done a lot of work on the house since then, nearly every room is now ‘done’ so I thought I’d share some of the journey. Of course, nothing is ever really ‘done’ and I’m constantly making little changes, adding new furniture etc as we can afford to.

Before we got our place I’d never held a drill in my life or been in a DIY shop to buy something beyond paint. Its a terribly fun learning experience as I muddle on through making some things I’m proud of and others that don’t turn out quite like expected.

My other half is not at all DIY minded although he’ll help with some painting if needed and he always has faith in my ‘visions’, even while rolling his eyes!


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