Stripping a pine coffee table

When my OH and I first moved in together we had no furniture and were renting an unfurnished house. So we bought some very cheap second hand furniture from charity shops and got lots of generous family members who had stuff lying around unused in garages.

One of my favourite such pieces of furniture is our coffee table. It was given to me by my auntie as a slightly broken gleaming orange piece of love. My wonderful dad fixed the slightly broken leg and its served us very well since. Its actually the perfect size for our needs and I love the fact its that little bit higher than most coffee tables.

A few months back I decided it was about time I gave it a makeover – my first foray into a bit of upcycling.

So here’s the orange beast in all its shiny glory

It had lots of white water marks from poor coaster use and one time we put a hot pizza directly onto the table during a *rather inebriated* party.

I bought some paint and varnish stripper from Screwfix and painted it all over. Left it for a few hours then added another coat.

Then the magic happened. I was so overexcited that this actually worked that I was jumping up and down on my own in the garden.

I used an old toothbrush to get all of the varnish out of the intricate bits and steel wool on the legs. When it was all looking good, I cleaned off any remaining sticky bits and dried it off.

And we have the no-longer-orange beast!

Just look at that! I decided that because the wood had come up so nicely I wouldn’t paint any of it and it now resides in my living room in all it’s rustic glory. I still haven’t treated it with anything. Can’t decide what to use as don’t want to varnish in case it goes orange again.


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