Patchwork Quilt – Part 2

On Sunday I got out my new (old) sewing machine and pieced together all of the squares for my patchwork quilt. Love the new machine. Its an old Bernina Record 830 that my Granny kindly gifted to me and after some initial teething problems (completely forgot how to do a reverse stitch) I really got into it.

So all of the squares are now pieced together and I’m really happy with the result. Just need to order some more batting now so that I can start the actual quilting…


A Kenyan patchwork quilt

I’ve made a couple of small patchwork quilts and really enjoyed the whole process. As a gift to my sister I’m currently working on a bigger quilt using some gorgeous fabrics that she brought back from Kenya this Christmas. She spends a lot of time volunteering over there.

One of my favourite things about patchwork is the fact that nothing really has to match, yet it always comes together to make something awesome. This one seems to be no exception – I love the bright garish colours.

Last week I spent some time cutting the fabric into infinite squares and a few days back I set it all out and planned the design. That’s currently as far as I’ve got as it requires a bit more time than I have at the moment to get the sewing machine out and start piecing it all together!