Kitchen makeover – painting cupboards

Its official… I have finally begun work on our kitchen.

We’ve been round and round in circles with it – shall we get a new kitchen put in which will be bottom of the range (and top of our budget) but still very beautiful compared to our current one OR paint the kitchen cabinets of our current kitchen, replace the worktop and sink etc.

We even went as far as getting a new kitchen designed. But it ultimately came down to cost. My car died a death in December costing me most of my savings so it would have been a real struggle to afford the new kitchen.

So we’re going for the MUCH cheaper option and in my opinion… much more fun option!

Unfortunately, when you read these blog posts of amazing kitchen makeovers and people who have painted their kitchen cupboards the authors talk about how solid and usable the old kitchen is. In our case I can’t even say that. It really is a terrible kitchen that was poorly installed and the units aren’t great quality. The doors are ugly wood effect melamine and nothing is symmetrical. The kitchen itself is in the middle of the house with very poor natural light so its a very dingy space.

Despite all that I think we can work on it and make it a much nicer place to cook and hang out.

The first step is to paint the cupboards. I’m going for a stark white as we already have terracotta tiles and the natural darkness of the room means the lighter the better as far as I’m concerned!

This will be a work in progress leading finally to a before and after.

Here is the kitchen when we first moved in:

And hello grime!! We spent the first two days cleaning alone.

We painted the walls white, replaced the oven and got some nice decor up. But as you can see its still a bit of a dungeon! Here is a photo of the kitchen in it’s current state:

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